What society didn’t teach us.

von | Mai 10, 2016

Our society has missed out on something.

Something so basic and essential that when I think about it, I see it missing everywhere. It is the one nuance that will decide between failure and success, between stopping and continuing. Or even worse it already decides about ‘Do I even start?’

What am I talking about? The simple and basic believe in myself and my capabilities.

It sounds so simple yet it’s the foundation for everything. I know it, since I have worked on exploring this for myself for the last year, or year and a half already. It was a process of growth. One that isn’t easy, one that is still in progress and one that you will only understand fully if you try it out by yourself.

I am interested in Entrepreneurship for quite a while now, and one of my favorite quotes is says:

“If you believe you can do it and if you believe you can’t, both times you are right.”

Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between reading and logically understanding that phrase and its meaning in comparison to actually FEELING the difference and working on that basic believe for yourself. A dogma, in German called ‘Glaubenssatz’.

It took me quite a while to understand that I was stuck. Why? Because since my exterior (be it family, friends, acquaintances, schoolteachers, university people, etc.) summarized as ‘the society’ reflected upon me the believe that I couldn’t do whatever I dream of, and I accepted that believe. Or better said: Since most of the people around me believe that they can’t do just ‘whatever they like or dream of’ while growing older I slowly accepted that way of thinking. Although, all the time I felt like there was a discrepancy between what people ‘that are supposedly living their dream’ and ‘not giving a f*** about what others think or do’ say and what most of the people I hang around with say. Or sometimes, it’s not even their words, these messages can also be transmitted via more subtle clues. Your body and energy react the way you think.

Fact is, one part of me kind of ‘feels sorry for myself’ that I didn’t know all this earlier and the other part of me knows, that everything is fine because it takes time to gain this insight. I am super grateful about the fact, that I am now mentally ready to work on that believe for myself. I am thankful and very, very appreciative that I am in the privileged position to allow myself a break from the ‘normal’ world and focus my energy on myself. I am doing this because I have learned that I am the most important person in my life. This is not meant in an arrogant way, more in a self-caring and loving way. I have been through some crazy and intense weeks (different topic) and I am thereby learning ´thought the experience of my own body´. Which I know is the one and only way to do it right. Little challenges every day.

Back to my vision:

What if we would/could live in a world, where children are taught (again) to dream big and follow their dreams. What if people at my age and above would/could find back to their full inner strength and become brave enough to follow their dreams.

What if…

What if we understood how valuable this life is that we have? Every second of it, I see so many people living their lives as if they had ages in front of them. What if we put our efforts into becoming the truest and most beautiful version of ourselves? And, what if, we were brave enough to use the same measurement for the businesses we built? I know it is possible, and every step closer to that goal is worth its effort.

For me, I am getting closer and closer to understanding (and by that, I mean emotionally understanding) that I really don’t know how long I am blessed to spend time on this beautiful planet called earth. There really is no guarantee that I will make it until tomorrow. I sure hope so since I have loooooads of cool stuff that I still want to experience and do and create and see. Isn’t the same true for you? Have you ever dared to think about your dreams and really dreamed big? What is it that you want to accomplish or experience?

The good thing is, I see a loooot of improvement in that area. Since I have started this process I see and feel that many people challenge their believes and they work on making progress for themselves. That’s brilliant!

It was difficult for me to start this text. I know the clear message I wanted to send and at the same time I don’t want no one to take this personally. This is a collective thing and it is just my personal perspective on things and the world. So please, but that will remain true for every text, every message from everywhere: you, the reader, will have to reflect on what message you want to take with you from reading it.

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